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May I bring ice to the event?
Yes, loose ice is permitted along with ice packs.

May I bring a cooler?
Yes, coolers are allowed

What convenience items are permitted?
Chairs, strollers, cameras, blankets, and handheld umbrellas are permitted.

Can I leave the show and then re-enter?
Yes, you may leave and re-enter.

Is there a list of restricted items?
Yes, please review the Entry Restrictions page for more information

Is smoking allowed?
Any form of smoking (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping, marijuana, etc) is prohibited within the airport fence.

What if I get hurt during the show?
Notify an Aviation Day worker or security and they will contact a medical team.

What should I do if I lose my child at the show?
Notify an Aviation Day worker or security and they will contact a medical team. The Aviation Day Event has a Code Adam in place during the event.
Please provide appropriate praise details about the child to help in the process.


When is the show?
The show is Saturday June 25th only, 11:00am to 4:00pm.

How much does it cost for entry?
Aviation Day is a free event for the community. Airplane rides, food, and merchandise will be available at a cost.

Do I need a ticket for the show?
No, because the event is free, you will not be required to have a ticket.

Will there be food and drink options?
There will be food concessionaires on site. To limit debris that can be harmful to the aircraft and other spectators, we ask that you throw away or carry out your own trash.
Please plan ahead to clean up after yourselves.

Are there activities for children?
Besides the many aircraft on display, we will have emergency vehicles, huge airport snow plows, and many aviation related activities for children to explore aviation.

Are there airplanes giving rides?
Yes, The Yankee Air Museum will have their C-47 "Hairless Joe" and Great Lakes AirVentures will have aircraft available for rides at a nominal cost.

Is there a schedule of performers?
For security reasons we are unable to provide a schedule of performers.

What happens if it rains?
Unless the weather is severe, we will continue the event as is safe and possible. At this time we do not have an alternate day scheduled in case of weather.

What should I wear to the event?
We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, attending the event is barefoot is not advised. There may be a possibility of soft, wet, mud surfaces. Please dress accordingly, it is a Michigan Summer.

Is there shade?
Most of the event is under open sky. You are encouraged to bring hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and personal umbrellas. There will be some indoor space available as well.

Will you have restrooms?
Portable restrooms (including handicap portable restrooms) and sanitation stations will be available.

What time does the gate open?
The event officially starts at 11:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm

Are oversized vehicles or large recreational vehicles (RV, motorhome, fifth wheel, etc) allowed?
Unfortunately, with the event format we are unable to accommodate oversized vehicles longer than 20ft or large recreational vehicles.

Riding your motorcycle to the show?
We will have designated motorcycle parking.

Are there reserved parking spots?
Parking is first come first served. Parking volunteers will direct you where to park your vehicle. There are no reserved parking spots.


Please Be Mindful...

Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

FOD is any loose debris that can be hazardous if ingested or accelerated by an aircraft engine. FOD can cause major damage to aircraft and can also pose a projectile hazard to spectators.
Please pick up after yourself. Whatever you carry in, please carry out.

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